Q1. He tames animals because he …..

a. seldom loves them

b. is afraid of them

c. is fond of them

d. hates them

e. wants to set them free [Bank PO, 1995]


Answer – (c) is fond of them

Q2. My mother is so poor ……….

a. to send me to school

b. because she will not work

c. to get medical help for my father

d. that she cannot buy food for us [SSC, 1993]


Answer – (d) that she cannot buy food for us

Q3. ‘Can you lend me a pencil, please?’ ‘………’

a. Yes, you can

b. Yes, here you!

c. Yes, here

d. Yes, here it is!


Answer – (cd) Yes, here it is! 

Q4. Johny, where are you? …….. up this tree

a. Here I am

b. Here am I

c. There I am

d. There am I [Section Officers, 1993]


Answer – (a) Here I am

Q5. I don’t know the time ……..

a. at which the accident happened

b. the accident happened

c. when the accident happened

d. when the accident had happened


Answer – (b) the accident happened

Q6. How much a man earns is as important as ……..

a. when does he do so

b. how does he do it

c. where does he earn

d. why does he earn of all

e. how well he spends it [BSRB, 1996]


Answer – (b) how does he do it

Q7. One of you must help me, ……….

a. Shan’t you?

b. wouldn’t you?

c. won’t you?

d. mustn’t you?


Answer – (d) mustn’t you?

Q8. He is so lazy that he ………

a. always attends help to others to complete their work

b. dislikes to postpone work that he undertakes to do

c. can seldom complete his work on time

d. can’t delay the schedule of completing the work

e. can’t depend on others for getting his work done [Bank PO, 1995]


Answer – (c) can seldom complete his work on time

Q9. Whichever way you approach the problem ………

a. no one will not solve it

b. it will not be solve

c. it will not solve

d. it will not be solved [SSC, 1993]


Answer – (d) it will not be solved 

Q10. When I met her last year, ……

a. she had married since five years

b. she had been married for five years

c. she was married five years ago

d. she had been married since five years


Answer – (b) she had been married for five years
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