Q1. What is meant by elastic limit?

Ans. = The maximum extent to which a solid may be stretched without permanent alteration of size or shape.

Q2. Dado is usually provided in?

Ans. =bath rooms

Q3. What are the various methods of concrete curing?

Ans = The way of Maintaining the moisture and temperature in the fresh wall is known as cunning. It is performed for a small duration of time to allow the hardening of concrete.

Steps are given below:-

1 Spray of water on walls.

2 Wet covering of surface.

3 Pounding

4 Steam curing

5 Application of curing compounds.

Q4. How are the freeway bridges built?

Ans. = The traffic that is likely to go over the bridge at a time is estimated and the cement, rocked with rubber stanchions is placed over the freeway to build a bridge. Off-ramp from freeway to the bridge and on-ramp from the bridge to the freeway are constructed. Cement slabs are placed one by one to build a platform.

Q5. A flat slab is capable to withstand ?

Ans. = concentrated loads.

Q6.An R.C.C. column is treated as long if its slenderness ratio is greater than?

Ans. = 50 

Q7. Difference between routine maintenance and major maintenance for school facilities?

Ans. = Routine maintenance is handling the minor repairs of the school campus. Major maintenance can be total reconstruction or renovation of the school.

Q7. Cantilever retaining walls can safely be used for a height not more than?

Ans. = 6 m

Q8. The minimum number of main steel bars provided in R.C.C.?

Ans. = .rectangular columns is 4
circular columns is 6
octagonal columns is 8

Q9. The maximum area of tension reinforcement in beams shall not exceed?

Ans. =  4%

Q10. How can we measure the concrete?

Ans. = Cubic Feet, Cubic Yard and Cubic Meter are the three method which are used to measure the concrete size.

Q11. What do you understand by aggregate?

Ans. = To resist the compression stress of a composite material,an special component is used This special component is known as aggregate

Q12. what is meant by shearing strain

Ans. = shearing strain is defined as the change in right angle of a body , measured in radians due to  applied shear stress


A condition in or deformation of an elastic body caused by forces that tend to produce an opposite but parallel sliding motion of the body’s planes.


A measure of angular distortion also directly measurable, but not as easily as axial strain.


Shear strain is defined as angular change at some point in a shape



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