Directions: In each of the following questions, choose from the given words below the two sentences, that word which has the same meaning and can be used in the same context as the part given in bold in both the sentences.

Q1. I. The Commissioner has issued strict orders to arrest the anti-social elements responsible for recent cases of burglary and chain snatching in the area

II. I fear you won’t be able to rise to the occasion at this critical hour

a. check

b. presume

c. suspect

d. apprehend

e. round-up


Answer – (d) apprehend


‘Apprehend’ may be used to express both the meanings – ‘to arrest’ and ‘to think with fear’

Q2. I. The organization was established at the beginning of this century

II. The little boy could not twist the cap off the bottle. [NABARD, 1994]

a. break

b. turn

c. swing

d. crack

e. dawn


Answer – (b) turn

Q3. I. The story is so dramatic that one cannot guess the ultimate result

II. I could not understand the purpose of his visit.

a. motive

b. end

c. consequence

d. lot


Answer – (b) end 

Q4. I. The truck was coming and its light was falling straight in my eyes

II. After the death of the manager, there was no one to properly guide the company

a. correct

b. head

c. direct

d. hook

e. line


Answer – (c) direct 

Q5. I. Ashok has got a friendly disposition

II. The warm sunshine in the morning filled my heart with joy [Bank PO, 1991]

a. joyous

b. pleasing

c. genial

d. happy

e. congenial


Answer – (b) pleasing 

Q6. I. I cannot endure such a loud noise any more

II. He preferred to consider the other view

a. bear

b. support

c. stand

d. opinion

e. position


Answer – (c) stand

Q7. I. He had a very difficult period during his sickness

II. Kanti’s father advised him that IAS was a career worth attempting. [Bank PO, 1990]

a. competing

b. trying

c. intending

d. contending

e. experimenting


Answer – (b) trying 

Q8. I. The document was declared void by the court

II. I felt pity for the sickly person lying on the pavement

a, useless

b. defective

c. invalid

d. destitute

e. feeble


Answer – (c) invalid

Q9. I. Some of the edible oils have a high cholestrol level

II. The forest authorities have failed to control poaching in that area. [NABARD, 1994]

a. comprise

b. possess

c. restrain

d. contain

e. suppress


Answer – (d0 contain 

Q10. I. Just leave a small line to be filled in by the requisite word.

II. I expected you to rush to the place as soon as you heard the news

a. dash

b. blank

c. void

d. bustle

e. intervene


Answer – (a) dash 
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