The Rocks formed molten magma are called   – igneous rocks

The Rocks formed by gradual deposition are called Sedimentary rocks

Rocks formed due to alteration of original a structure due to heat and excessive pressure are called Metamorphic rocks

Geologically marble is known as Metamorphic rocks

Chemically marble is known as  Calcareous rocks

kaolin is chemically classified as Argillaceous rocks

Granite mainly composed of Quartz and felspar particles is obtained from igneous rock

Gniess is obtained from sedimentary metamorphic rocks

Dolomite is a limestone which contains carbonate of magnesia up to 45%

The colour of statuary marble used for sculptor’s work is white

Black marble is generally found in the district of – Jaipur

The Rock having alumina or clay as their major constituents are known as Argillaceous rocks

The hardest Rock is – Diamond

The softest rock is Talc

The specific gravity of marble is 2.72

The Rocks generally used for roofing is Granite

Laterite is found in UP

Good quality of stone absorbs water less than 5%

A stone is rejected if it absorbs water more than 10%

A stone used for ornamental work must be soft

A stone used for rubble Masonry must be Hard

Stone used for the construction of retaining walls must be Heavy

The tendency of a stone is to split along Cleavage

The standard size of masonary brick is 20 cm 10 cm 10 cm

For one cubic of brick Masonary number of bricks required is 500

The minimum compressive strength of 1st class brick should be 100 kg/cm

A 1st class brick immersed in water for 24 hours, should not absorbs water (by weight) more than 20%

The main ingredient of a good quality brick-earth is Alumina

Clay and silt content in good brick earth must be at least 50%

Second class brick – Produces a metallic sound when struck

Jhumbs bricks are over burnt

Refractory bricks resist high temperature

A pug mill is used for Tempering brick earth

Wooden moulds are made from Shisham wood

The lime which contains mainly calcium oxide and slacks with water is quick lime

The property by virtue of which lime sets under water is known as Hydraulicity

For construction of structure under water the type of lime used is Hydraulic lime

Pozzolana (Surkhi) is used in lime To impart Hydraulicity

Lime mortar is generally made with Hydraulic lime

Lime concrete is generally used for Flooring at ground level

The initial setting time of hydraulic lime is 120 min

The initial setting time of Pozzolona  lime 120 min

The normal curing period for lime mortar is 7 days

Plaster of Paris is obtained by calcining Gypsum

For the manufacture of Portland cement the portion of raw materials used are- lime 63% , silica 22%, other ingredients 15%

Good quality cement contains higher percentage- Tricalcium silicate

Initial setting of cement is caused due to – Tri-calcium aluminate

Ultimate strength to cement is provided by – Di-Calcium silicate

To retard the initial setting time of cement the compound responsible is – Gypsum

The commonly used raw materials in the manufacture of cement is – Lime Stone

Quick setting cement is produced by adding – Less amount of Gypsum in very Fine Powdered from

The percentage of water for normal consistency is – 15% to 25%

Soundness of cement is tested by – Le-Chatelier’s Apparatus

Soundness test of cement determines – quality of free lime

Bulking of sand is caused due to – Surface water

Stength of cement concrete primariely depends upon – water-cement ratio

For 50 kg cement bag water required is – 22.5 liters

Inner part of timber log surroundings the pitch is called – heart wood

Age of tree may be ascertained by – number of annual rings

Seasoning of timber is essential to remove – sap from timber

Seasoning of timber is done – to remove water

A well seasoned timber may contain moisture up to – 10 to 12%The most valuable timer may be obtained from – teak

The timber having maximum resistance against white ants, is obtained from – Shisham

Teak wood is suitable for – Furniture

Plywood is normally available – 2 to 3 mm thick

Plywood is made from – teak wood only

The most commonly used solvent in oil paints is – Petroleum

Turpentine oil is used in paints as – drier

Linseed oil is used in paints as – drier

The base material for distemper is – Chalk

Distemper is – a paint consisting of powdered chalk, pigments and water

Plastic Asphalt is – a mixture of cement and asphalt

In paints the pigment is responsible for – colour

The most fire resistant paints are – Asbestos paints

To give a brilliant finish the type of varnish used is – Spirit varnish

Asphalt is obtained from – petroleum

Mastic Asphalt is – non-corrosive materials

Wrought iron contains carbon up to0.15%

Wrought iron contains carbon upto – pudding

Softer variety of steel may be obtained by – Bessemer process

For high grade instruments the steel preferred to is – Cast Steel

The steel used in RCC work is – mild steel

The steel used for the manufacture of rails is – Bessemer steel

Vandium steel is generally used for – Axles and springs

The type of steel used for precision levelling staff, is – invar

Stainless steel contains – 18% of chromium and 8% nickel

Permanent magnets are made of high carbon steel and – 45% of cobalt

Mild steel is used for – Structural works in beams, joints, and girders

Wrought iron is used for – small size water pipes

Cast iron is used for – column and struts

Galvanising means covering iron with a thin coat of – Zinc

PVC stands for – Polythene vinyl chloride

Brass is an alloy of – Copper and zinc

Stainless steel resists corrosion due to – Chormium

Dorry’s testing machine is used for – Hardness test of stone

For a good building stone, its specific gravity should the greater than – 2.7

The melting point of silica is – 1730 C

The usual percentage of clay and metal in cement are – 80%, 20%

The presence of sand in brick earth prevents – warping of bricks

Acrylic is the name of – Methyl Metha crylate

For making fly-ash building bricks, the following mix of fly ash, sand, and lime, is – 80:13:7

For filling cracks in masonary structure the type of bitumen used is – Plastic Bitumen

Based on flow quantity the sequence of pipes is – C.I. Pipes, G.I. Pipes, A.C. Pipes, PVC Pipes.

Elastomers can extend up toten times their original dimensions

Formula for quick lime is – caco3

For a most commonly used base for timber painting – white lead

The commonly used base for iron and steel work, is – red lead

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