1. Which city is the capital of the Haryana?
Ans: – Chandigarh

2. What is the Area of the Haryana?
Ans: – 44,212 Square Km

3. What is the rank of Haryana according to Area?
Ans: – 21st

4. The percentage of Haryana Area according to India Area?
Ans: – 1.34%

5. Which district of Haryana has the largest Area?
Ans: – Sirsa

6. What is the Area of the Sirsa District?
Ans: – 4,277 Square Km

7. Which is the smallest district of the Haryana?
Ans: – Faridabad

8. What is the area of the Panchkula?
Ans: – 742 Square Km

9. Which are the popular rivers of the Haryana?
Ans: – Yamuna, Sarasvati, Ghaghar, Sahibi, Indori and Markanda

10. Which are the important Lakes of the Haryana?
Ans: – Khalilpur, Damdamma, Kotla, Badkhal and Sultanpur

11. In how many natural parts the Haryana State is Divided?
Ans: – Four

12. What is the Rainfall Data of Haryana?
Ans: – 30-110 cm

13. Which is the most Rainy Place in Haryana?
Ans: – Shivalik Area

14. What was the highest rainfall data of Haryana?
Ans: – 200 cm

15. How many National Parks are there in Haryana State?
Ans: – 2

16. Which are the 2 National Park of Haryana State?
Ans: – Sultanpur and Kalesar

17. How many Sanctuaries there are in Haryana?
Ans: – 9

18. In which direction the Haryana is situated in India?
Ans: – North-West

19. Which state is located on the East of the Haryana?
Ans: – Uttar Pradesh

20. How many types of Crops are Produce in Haryana?
Ans: – Rabi and Kharif Crops

21. How much Area is used for Agriculture in Haryana?
Ans: – 3.80 Million Hectare

22. How many areas are used an agriculture area in Haryana?
Ans: – 86%.

23. In which District the Wheat produced is more than other districts?
Ans: – Sirsa

24. Which district of Haryana is known as “Dhan Ka Katora”?
Ans: – Karnal, Kethal, Kurukshetra and Jind

25. In which district the Sugarcane is produced more than others?
Ans: – Yamunanagar

26. Huge Cotton is produced in which District of Haryana?
Ans: – Sirsa

27. Which sources are used for irrigation in Haryana?
Ans: – Canal and Tubewell

28. How many food parks are there in Haryana?
Ans: – Four

29. Where is Food Parks situated in Haryana?
Ans: – Narwana (Jind), Rai (Sonipat), Saha (Ambala), Dabwali (Sirsa)

30. The Hi-Tech Technology Park is situated on which place of Haryana?
Ans: – Gurugram

31. Which district is known for Petrochemicals?
Ans: – Panipat

32. “Ratan and Abhushan” Park is situated at which place?
Ans: – Gadi Harsaru

33. Where is IT Park located in Haryana?
Ans: – Panchkula and IMT Manesar

34. Which district is known as the “Cyber City” and “Medicity” of Haryana?
Ans: – Gurugram

35. Where is Cement factory situated in Haryana?
Ans: – Surajpur

36. Where is Maruti Car factory situated in Haryana?
Ans: – Gurugram

37. Where is Bicycle factory situated in Haryana?
Ans: – Sonipat and Faridabad

38. Where is VESSEL Factory situated in Haryana?
Ans: – Rewadi

39. Where is Wool factory situated in Haryana?
Ans: – Hisar and Panipat

40. The largest area of the Engineering filed in Haryana?
Ans: – Faridabad

41. The Sanitary Factory is located at which place?
Ans: – Bahadurgarh

42. The plastic factory is located in which place?
Ans: – Faridabad

43. The huge amount of China Clay is found at which place of Haryana?
Ans: – Gurugram

44. When was Haryana State established?
Ans: – 1 November 1966

45. How many Vidhansabha members are there in Haryana state?
Ans: – 90

46. The number of Loksabha Members in Haryana is
Ans: – 10

47. The numbers of Rajyasabha Members in Haryana is
Ans: – 5

48. Who was the first governor of Haryana?
Ans: – Dharamvir

49. Who was the first Chief Minister of Haryana?
Ans: – Bhagwat Dayal Sharma

50. Who was the first Advocate General of Haryana?
Ans: – Anand Babu Swarup

51. How many administrative divisions are there in Haryana?
Ans: – 06

52. How many Districts are there in Haryana?
Ans: – 22

53. How many tehsils are there in Haryana?
Ans: – 93

54. How many villages are there in Haryana?
Ans: – 6841

55. How many Gram Panchayats are there in Haryana?
Ans: – 6083

56. What is the Population Density in Haryana?
Ans: – 573 Persons Per Km square

57. What is the Sex Ratio in Haryana?
Ans: – 879 Women Per Thousand Men

58. What is the Literacy rate of Haryana?
Ans: – 75.55%

59. Which is the most educated district of Haryana?
Ans: – Gurugram

60. What is the literacy rate of Gurugram District?
Ans: – 84.70%

61. Which is the State Animal of Haryana?
Ans: – Blackbuck (Kala Hiran)

62. Which is the state bird of Haryana?
Ans: – Black Francolin (Kala Titar)

63. Which is the state game of Haryana?
Ans: – Kushti

64. Which are the popular languages of Haryana?
Ans: – Hindi and Haryanvi

65. Who is known as Haryana Kesri?
Ans: – Pandit Nekiram Sharma

66. Who was the first State Author of the Haryana?
Ans: – Udayman Hans

67. Which is the first Haryanavi Famous Film?
Ans: – Chandrawal

68. Asia’s largest Animal Husbandry is located in which Place?
Ans: – Hisar (Haryana)

69. What is the biggest Literature Awards in Haryana?
Ans: – Sur Samman

70. What is the Highest Sports Awards in Haryana?
Ans: – Bhim Awards

71. How many AIR Kendra are there in Haryana?
Ans: – 3

72. List the three AIR (Akashvani Kendra) of Haryana.
Ans: – Rohtak, Kurukshetra and Hisar

73. How many Airports are there in Haryana?
Ans: – 9

74. How many Primary Schools are there in Haryana?
Ans: – 12,152

75. How many High Schools are there in Haryana?
Ans: – 2,168

76. How many central Universities are there in Haryana?
Ans: – 8

77. The total number of Post offices in Haryana are
Ans: – 2,689

78. Name the State tree of the Haryana.
Ans: – Pipal

79. What is the name of the State Flower?
Ans: – Lotus

80. Which is the highest point of Shivalik Range?
Ans: – Abi Gamin

81. When was Tarain (Tarawadi) first war fought?
Ans: – 1191

82. Why is Jagadhari Place famous for?
Ans: – Train Workstation

83. Where is Rajdoot Motorcycle Factory Situated in Haryana?
Ans: – Faridabad

84. Hero Honda Company is situated in which place?
Ans: – Gurugram

85. In which district the Ammonia Plant is situated?
Ans: – Panipat

86. Sarasvati Sugar Factory is located in which place?
Ans: – Yamunanagar

87. Shahbad Government Factory is situated in which place?
Ans: – Kurukshetra

88. Faridabad is famous for which industry?
Ans: – Tractor, Refrigerator and Rubber Tyer

89. What is the length of the Indira Gandhi Canal?
Ans: – 649 KM

90. At which place the Bhakhra Canal enter into Haryana State?
Ans: – Tohana

91. National Animal Genetically Resources Bureau is located in which place?
Ans: – Karnal

92. Central Buffalo Research Institute is located in which place?
Ans: – Hisar

93. Choudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University is situated in which place?
Ans: – Hisar

94. Haryana Center of Excellence for Vegetables is located at which
Ans: – Gharonda

95. Center of Excellence for Food is located at which place?
Ans: – Manjiyana (Sirsa)

96. Custody is provided at which place of Haryana?
Ans: – Ambala

97. Sultanpur National Park is located at which place?
Ans: – Gurugram

98. In which place the largest forest is found?
Ans: – Panchkula

99.Which is the most important river for Haryana?
Ans: – Yamuna

100. In which area of Haryana the lowest rainfall is recorded?
Ans: – South-West

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