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  Date   Important days   Theme    
  July 1   Charted Accountants Day (CA Day) -    
      National Doctors' Day   “Zero tolerance to violence against    
  July 1     doctors and clinical establishment”    
  July 1   GST Day -    
  July 2   World UFO Day -    
  July 4   Independence Day USA -    
  July 6   World Zoo noses Day -    
  (First Saturday   International Co-operative Day   Coops 4 Decent Work    
  in July)            
  July 7   World Chocolate Day -    
  July 7   International Day of Cooperatives (IDC) -    
  July 11   World Population Day -    
  July 12   National Simplicity Day -    
  July 12   International Malala Day -    
  July 17   World Day for International Justice -    
  July 18   Nelson Mandela International Day -    
  July 22   Pi Approximation Day -    
  July 23   National Broadcasting day -    
  July 24   National Thermal Engineer Day -    
  July 25 (fourth            
  Thursday of   National Refreshment Day -    
  July 26   Kargil Vijay Diwas or Kargil Memorial Day   Remember, Rejoice and Renew    
    or Kargil Victory Day      
  July 28   World Nature Conservation Day -    
  July 28   World Hepatitis Day   “Invest in eliminating hepatitis”    
  July 28 (fourth   National Parents Day -    
  Sunday in July)      
  July 29   International Tiger Day -    
  July 30   World Ranger Day -    
  July 30   World Day against Trafficking in Persons   Human Trafficking: Call Your    
      Government To Action"    


Date   Important days   Theme  
August 1 to 7   World Breastfeeding Week   “Empower Parents, Enable  
August 1   World Wide Web Day -  
August 6   Hiroshima Day -  
August 7   National Handloom Day -  
    August Kranti Din or Quit India movement (77th -  
August 8   anniversary)  
August 9   International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples   Indigenous Languages  
August 9   Nagasaki Day -  
        “Production of Biodiesel  
August 10   World Biofuel Day   from Used Cooking Oil  
August 12   International Youth Day   “Transforming education”  
August 12   World Elephant Day -  
August 13   International Left Handers Day -  
August 13   World Organ Donation Day -  
August 15   73rd Independence Day (India) -  
August 17   Indonesian Independence Day -  
August 19   World Photography Day -  
August 19   World Humanitarian Day   #WomenHumanitarians  
August 20   World Mosquito Day -  
August 20   Sadbhavna Divas -  
August 21   World Senior Citizen's Day -  
August 21   International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the -  
  Victims of Terrorism  
August 22   International Day Commemorating the Victims of -  
  Acts of Violence Based on Religion or Belief  
August 26   Women's Equality Day -  
August 29   National Sports Day -  
August 29   International Day against Nuclear Tests -  
August 30   International Day of the Victims of Enforced -  


Date   Important days   Theme  
September 1   National Nutrition Week -  
September 2   World Coconut Day   Coconut for Family Wellness  
September 5   International Day of Charity -  
September 5   National Teachers' Day -  
September 8   International Literacy Day   Literacy and Multilingualism  
September 8   World Physical Therapy Day -  
September 10   World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD)   Working Together to Prevent Suicide  
September 12   United Nations Day for South-South   From Commitment to Action — Follow up  
  Cooperation   to Buenos Aires Plan of Action+40  
September 14   Hindi Diwas -  
September 15   International Day of Democracy   “Participation”  
September 15   Engineers Day   “Engineering For Change”  
September 16   World Ozone Day   32 Years and Healing  
September 17   World Patient Safety Day   “Speak Up for Patient Safety”  
September 18   World Bamboo Day -  
September 18   World Water Monitoring Day -  
September 21   International Day of Peace and Non-Violence -  
September 21   World Alzheimer's Day -  
September 22   World Rose Day -  
September 25   World Pharmacist Day   "Safe and effective medicines for all"  
September 26   World Contraception Day      
September 26   World Maritime Day   “Empowering women in the maritime  
        Climate Change Challenges, Time for  
September 26   World Environmental Health Day   Global Environmental Health to Act in  
September 27   World Tourism Day   "Tourism and Jobs — A Better Future For  
September 28   World Rabies Day   Rabies: Vaccinate to Eliminate  
September 28   International Day for Universal Access to   “Leaving No One Behind!”  
September 29   World Heart Day   ‘My Heart, Your Heart’  


October 1   International Day of Older Persons   "The Journey to Age Equality"  
October 1   International Coffee Day   ‘Coffee’s future needs you’  
October 1   World Vegetarian Day -  
October 2   International Day of Non-Violence -  
October 4   World Animal Day -  
    World Teachers' Day   'Young Teachers: The Future of the  
October 5     Profession'  
October 4-10   World Space Week   “The Moon: Gateway to the Stars.”  
    National Wildlife Week   Life Below Water: For people and  
October 2 - 8     planet  
October 7       Frontier Technologies as an  
(first Monday   World Habitat Day   innovative tool to transform waste to  
of October)       wealth  
October 7   World Cotton Day -  
October 8   Air Force Day (India) -  
October 9   World Post Day -  
October 10   World Mental Health Day -  
    International Day of the Girl Child   "GirlForce: Unscripted and  
October 11     Unstoppable"  
October 11   World Obesity Day   “It’s time to End Weight Stigma!”  
October 11          
(second   World Egg Day   Eat your egg today and every day  
Friday in      
    World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD)   “Protect Birds: Be the Solution to  
October 12     Plastic Pollution.”  
October 12   World Arthritis Day (WAD)   Time2Work.  
October 14   World Standards Day   Video Standards Create a Global  


    World Food Day   Our Actions Are Our Future. Healthy  
October 16     Diets For A #ZEROHUNGER WORLD  
        'Acting together to empower children,  
October 17   International Day for the Eradication of Poverty   their families and communities to end  
October 20   World Osteoporosis Day   “THAT’S OSTEOPOROSIS”.  
October 20   World Statistics Day   Better Data, Better Lives  
October 22   International Stuttering Awareness Day   “Growth Through Speaking”  
October 23   International Snow Leopard Day -  
October 24   United Nations Day -  
October 24   World Polio Day -  
October 24   World Development Information Day -  
October 25   National Ayurveda Day -  
    World Day for Audiovisual Heritage   “Engage the Past Through Sound and  
October 27     Images”  
October 28   International Animation Day -  
October 30   World Thrift Day (India) -  
October 31   National Unity Day / Rashtriya Ekta Diwas -  
    World Cities Day   Changing the world: innovations and  
October 31     better life for future generations  


November 1   World Vegan Day -  
November 5   World Tsunami Awareness Day -  
    International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of -  
November 6   the Environment in War and Armed Conflict  
November 7   Infant Protection day -  
November 7   National Cancer Awareness Day -  
    International Day of Radiology   Sports Imaging (Musculoskeletal  
November 8     Radiology)  
November 9   National Legal Services Day -  
November 10   World Science Day for Peace and Development   “Open science, leaving no one behind”  
November 11   National Education Day -  
November 12   World Pneumonia Day   “healthy lungs for all”.  
November 12   Public Service Broadcasting Day -  
November 14   World Diabetes Day -  
November 14   Children's Day -  
November 16   International Day for Tolerance -  
November 16   National Press Day -  
November 17   National Epilepsy Day -  
November 17          
(Third Sunday   World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims -  
in November)          
November 17   International Students' Day -  
November 19   International Men's Day -  
November 19   World Toilet Day   Leaving No One Behind  
November 20   Universal Children's Day -  
November 21          
(third Thursday   World Philosophy Day -  
of November)          
November 21   World Television Day -  
    World Fisheries day   Social Responsibility in the fisheries  
November 21     value chain  
    International Day for the Elimination of Violence -  
November 25   Against Women  
November 26   Law day or Constitution Day -  
November 29   International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People -  


Date   Day   Theme
December 1   Human Rights Day   Communities make the difference
December 2   National Pollution Control Day -
December 2   World Computer Literacy Day -
December 2   International Day for the -
    Abolition of Slavery    
December 3   International Day of Persons   Promoting the Participation of Persons
    with Disabilities   with Disabilities and their leadership:
        Taking Action on the 2030
        Development Agenda.
December 4   Indian Navy Day -
December 5   International Volunteer Day   Volunteer for an inclusive future
December 5   World Soil Day -
November 30   Pension week -
to December 6        
December 7   Armed Forces Flag Day -
December 7   International Civil Aviation   75 years of connecting the world
December 9   International Anti-Corruption   United Against Corruption
December 10   World Human Rights Day   Youth Standing Up for Human Rights
December 11   International Mountain Day   Mountains matter for Youth
December 11   UNICEF day -
December 12   International Day of Neutrality -
December 12   International Universal Health   Keep the Promise
    Coverage Day    
December 14   National Energy Conservation -
December 9 to   National Energy Conversion -
14   Week    
December 15   International tea day -
December 16   Vijay Diwas -
December 18   International Migrants Day -
December 18   Minorities Rights Day -
December 20   International Human Solidarity -
December 22   National Mathematics Day -
December 23   Kisan Divas or Farmer's Day -
December 24   National Consumers Right Day   Trusted Smart Products
December 25   Good Governance Day   -
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