Quiz Rules :-

1. NO ENTRY FEE for the quiz

2. Prize Money -

  • 1st Prize - ₹150

  • 2nd prize - ₹125

  • 3rd prize - ₹100

  • 4th Prize - ₹100

  • 5th Prize - ₹100

3. Only 1 entry allowed per person

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8. The questions will be in the format of Multiple Choice Questions


LINK to fill answers - https://forms.gle/TPRKYg15nvvFPF4W6


Q1. Which city is the capital of Australia?

a. Sydney

b. Hobart

c. Canberra

d. Melbourne


Q2. What is the currency of Japan?

a. Dollar

b. Yen

c. Rupee

d. None of These


Q3. Which is the most populous state of India?

a. Bihar

b. Maharashtra

c. Gujarat

d. Uttar Pradesh


Q4. Which is the national sport of India?

a. Cricket

b. Football

c. Hockey

d. Chess


Q5. When is the Republic Day of India celebrated?

a. 15th August

b. 26th January

c. 2nd October

d. None of these


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