Part 1 of top 25 questions of General Studies section for Jharkhand Public Service Commission for Assistant Engineer

Q1. Mangal Pandey was a sepoy at?

a. Royal Gorkha Rifle

b. 34th Bengal Native Infantry

c. Sikh Regiment

d. None of above

Q2. First battle of Panipat was fought between?

a. Babur and Lodi

b. Akbar and Hemu

c. Mughal and British

d. Akbar and Lodi

Q3. Battle of Buxar was fought in?

a. 1762

b. 1764

c. 1768

d. 1772

Q4. The French Revolution took place in the year

a. 1786

b. 1787

c. 1788

d. 1789

Q5. Who started Arya Samaj?

a. Swami Vivekananda

b. Raja Ram Mohan Roy

c. Gopal Krishna Gokhale

d. Swami Dayanand Saraswati

Q6. Which of the following is levied and collected by the Union government?

a. Custom duty

b. Excise duty

c. Estate duty

d. All the above

Q7. The term of office of the Vice-president is as follows?

a. 6 years

b. 4 years

c. 7 years

d. 5 years

Q8. Which of the article deals with the grants in aid by the Union government to the states?

a. Article 270

b. Article 280

c. Article 275

d. Article 265

Q9. Think tank of Government of India that replaced the Planning commission is?

a. NITI dharma

b. NITI Vakya

c. NITI Shashan

d. NITI Aayog

Q10. Which one of the following is the CEO of Niti Aayog?

a. Arvind Mayaram

b. Rajiv Meharshi

c. Amitabh Kant

d. None

Q11. Which one of the following lakes is a salt water lake?

a. Sambhar

b. Wular

c. Dal

d. Gobind Sagar

Q12. The tomb of which historical ruler is located in Sasaram?

a. Allaudin Khilji

b. Aurangzeb

c. Sher Shah Suri

d. Qutubuddin Aibak

Q13. Who of the following persons from Bihar was known as the Mountain Man?

a. Dasrath Manjhi

b. Vashishtha Narayan Singh

c. Brajkishore Prasad

d. Anand Kumar

Q14. Which one among the following rivers does not flow into the Bay of Bengal?

a. Mahanadi

b. Cauveri

c. Tapti

d. Godavari

Q15. Total Number of the Parliamentary constituency in Jharkhand?

a. 14

b. 23

c. 13

d. None of These

Q16. On which river is the Tilaiya Dam built?

a. Barakar

b. Damodar

c. Kukurdoba

d. None of These

Q17. With the increase of pressure, the boiling point of any substance

a. Increases

b. Decreases

c. Remains Same

d. Becomes zero

Q18. Which law is also called the law of inertia ?

a. Newton's first law

b. Newton's Second Law

c. Newton's Third Law

d. All of these

Q19. The electric motor converts

a. Electrical energy into mechanical energy

b. Mechanical energy into electrical energy

c. Electrical energy into light energy

d. None of these

Q20. What is the scale used for measuring the intensity of the earthquake?

a. Metric Scale

b. Quake Scale

c. Richter Scale

d. Epicentre Scale

Q21. L.P.G. is a hydrocarbon consisting of a mixture of :

a. Methane and Butane

b. Propane and Butane

c. Ethane and Propane

d. Ethane and Butane

Q22. Which among the following was first human-made plastic?

a. Bakelite

b. Polyethene

c. Celluloid

d. Nylon

Q23. Who among the following was awarded the best player title at the 2019 Ballon d’Or in Paris?

a. Xavi

b. Neymar

c. Lionel Messi

d. Cristiano Ronaldo

Q24. Who has been appointed as the new CEO of Alphabet Inc?

a. Ajit Mohan

b. Jeff Bezos

c. Sundar Pichai

d. Larry Page

Q25. When is World Soil Day observed?

a. 5th December

b. 2nd December

c. 1st December

d. 3rd December

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