Syllabus of General Engineering for BPSC Assistant Engineer Pre and Mains exam

Engineering Mechanics –

Simple application of equilibrium equations
Equation of motion

Surveying and Measurement –

Distance and Area measurement
Measurement of Direction and measurement of Slopes, elevation and height
Common Survey Instruments
Electrical shop instruments such as Ammeter, Voltmeter, Charge meter, Insulation tester
Energy meter and their principals of working
Mechanical shop measurement instruments
Linear and angular measurements, straight flatness roundness measurement

Mechanics of Solids –

Generalized stress, strain and consisting laws
Transformation of stress and strain, Strain energy
Analysis of beams, columns and shafts
Unsymmetrical bending shear centre
Theories of failure

Engineering Materials and Construction –

Bricks, Lime, Cement, Aggregate
Cast Iron and Steel, Non ferrous materials
Timber paints and miscellaneous engineering materials
Testing of Engineering materials
Considerations in construction of masonary floors and walls

Engineering Economy and Measurement –

Principles of Engineering economy
Project planning, CPM and PERT Techniques
Construction Equipments and safety
Analysis of rates of important construction items

Fluid Mechanics –

Laminar and Turbulent Flow
Concept of boundary layer
Continuity equations
Bernoulli’s Equation, Energy equation, Flow measurement
Dimensional analysis and modelling, one dimensional study

Heat Transfer –

Production of heat through single and multi layer bodies including wells and cylinders
Natural forced convection Heat transfer
Concept of thermal boundary layer
Stefan Boltzmann, Law of radiation
Kirchoff law, concepts of black and grey bodies

Thermodynamics –

Thermodynamic Process
First and second law of Thermodynamics
Carnot cycle, Rankine cycle
Otto cycle, Diesel cycle

Fluid Machinery –

Impulse and Reaction water turbine
Pelton Wheel Turbine
Reciprocating and Centrifugal Pump

Elementary Engineering –

Electric circuits, Thevenin’s Theorem
Circuit Law, Principal of Superposition, Introduction to periodic function
Series and parallel connection in steady AC
Circuit having Induction
Resistance and Capacitance, Junction transistor
Junction diodes, Equivalent Circuits, Common emitter equivalent circuits
Magnetic effect of an electric current
Magnetic Circuits, Ideal transformer
Transformer as a circuit element
Electromagnetic energy conversion
DC motors and Generator performance
AC motors and Generator performance

Environmental Engineering –

Water pollution and purification
Waste Water Treatment
Air Pollution and its Control
Ecological Balance

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