Directions: Choose the best alternative as the answer

Q1. Which of the following an animal always has?

a. Lungs

b. Skin

c. Mind

d. Heart

e. Life


Answer – (e) Life

Q2. A race always has

a. Referee

b. Spectators

c. Rivals

d. Prize

e. Victory


Answer – (c) Rivals 

Q3. Which of the following a ‘Drama’ must have?

a. Actors

b. Story

c. Sets

d. Director

e. Spectators


Answer – (b) Story 

Q4. A book always has

a. Chapters

b. Pages

c. Contents

d. Pictures

e. Illustrations


Answer – (b) Pages 

Q5. A mirror always

a. Reflects

b. Retracts

c. Distorts

d. Refracts

e. Reveals the truth


Answer – (a) Reflects 

Q6. A factory always has

a. Electricity

b. Chimney

c. Workers

d. FIles

e. Sellers


Answer – (c) Workers 

Q7. A clock always has

a. Battery

b. Numbers

c. Alarm

d. Needles

e. Frames


Answer – (d)Needles 

Q8. A car always has

a. Driver

b. Bonnet

c. Dicky

d. Bumper

e. Wheels


Answer – (e) Wheels 

Q9. A river always has [NIFT, 2005]

a. Delta

b. Tributaries

c. Boats

d. Banks

e. Fishes


Answer – (d) Banks 

Q10. A tree always has which of the following? [IITTM, 2005]

a. Branches

b. Leaves

c. Fruits

d. Roots

e. Shadow


Answer – (d) Roots 
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